Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

"Never Mind That Shit! HERE COMES MONGO!"

Chicago area residents are familiar with one Mr. Steve McMichael, a Chicago Bears player also known as "Mongo."  Mongo was nuts.  He co-hosted a show on Channel 5 called "George Michael's Sports Machine" and, like Fred Willard in Best In Show, you never knew what he was going to say.  (One infamous incident started when Michael asked Mongo how he was doing.  Mongo responded, "Not so good.  Found some blood on the toilet paper this morning.")

McMichael has been retired from football for a while.  If you are interested in playing, "Where Are They Now?", here's an update:

Mongo has filed paperwork to run for mayor of the Chicago suburb of Romeoville.

You know, a lot of people are questioning the damage to the brain that all those football hits creates.  Well, Mongo has apparently received enough brain damage that he now qualifies to be a politician.

I just love it when the jokes write themselves.  (I am SUCH a bitch.)
Tags: cheap shots r us, don't say i didn't warn you, i'm such a bitch, news, politics, things that make you go hmm, this ought to be interesting
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