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Letters From Our Readers: Bite Me, Fanboy!

I have written that I will not be reading Spider-Man because, even though the art is good and Dan Slott writers well, I can't get over the fact that it is Doctor Octopus in Spidey's body and I don't like rooting for the bad guy.

Well, that got me a message.  Apparently, I'm not allowed to like or dislike things as I see fit, I have to justify it somehow.

"I can't stand people like you!  Oh, you enjoy it, you say it's well done, but you're letting one little detail keep you from enjoying the story!  You enjoy it otherwise, so get over it!"

That's like saying I should enjoy Supergirl XXX because it's Supergirl, Lexi Belle looks and acts the part, I shouldn't let the fact that it's a fuck flick keep me from watching it.  Piss off.
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