Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Now THIS Is Hitting Below The Belt

Longtime readers know I am a huge fan of Art Baltazar, a genius at all ages stuff.  He started off with Patrick The Wolf Boy, self-published through his Electric Milk company.  Baltazar is an incredibly nice and genuine guy (he loves my Sound Waves comics), and when he made the jump to DC, working on Tiny Titans, I applauded.  It's always great when the nice guys win.  He and his writing partner Franco eventually saw Tiny Titans end, to be replaced with Superman Family Adventures, with them in their usual roles.

Today, it became official -- Superman Family Adventures is cancelled.  #12 in April will be the last issue.

Where did I hear this from?  The solicitation.

And so did Franco and Baltazar.  DC fired them by solicitation, they didn't even fire them by fax like in the 90's or by email like Gail Simone a few weeks ago.

A genuinely charming, funny, and entertaining series.  And no room for it.

At least we get 12 issues out of it.  Better than nothing.

Tags: art, comic books, comics, don't say i didn't warn you, haven't we suffered enough, sez who? sez me!, wrong on every level, wtf

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