Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Letters From Our Readers: Triple Action

Jesus, why did I even check my email today?

It's late, I'm tired, I got shit to do, so I'm going to shotgun these three edited for length emails here in one sitting.

1) "The reason we feel Obama is trying to take away our guns is because he is changing the rules.  Under his proposal, my 308 rifle with five bullets in the chamber and one in the pipe would be classified as an assault weapon because it has a pistol grip."

Dude, the only proposal that has a chance of getting passed is the universal background check.  Everything else is dead in the water.

To get the bills through the Senate, Obama needs the support of moderate D's that, despite voicing concerns about supporting the 2nd Amendment in the days after Newtown, did not jump up in support after his press conference yesterday about the legislation and executive orders.  And even if it does clear the Senate, the House is controlled by the R's.  Between the Southern R's and the Tea Partiers (a.k.a. the Kamikazes), it will be voted down, they won't even have to bury it in committee.  By making this legislation a priority, Obama has turned the R's tendency to stall and gridlock into an advantage for them.  Nothing will get through.

2) "The people of America need to be allowed to own assault rifles.  The 2nd Amendment is about keeping the people armed in case they need to overthrow their government.  As a supporter of the Founding Fathers, you have to know that was their intent and oppose an assault rifle ban."

If you want to own assault rifles because you like them or think they're cool or whatever, I don't have a problem with that.  But just say so, don't hide behind this "in case the government needs to be overthrown" bullshit.  Have you seen what the government has at its disposal?  Tanks, drones, bunker buster bombs...if you really think that you can take down a corrupt government with your assault rifle, you must be as stupid as you look.  People like you put ads in Soldier Of Fortune magazine, but all you'd catch in Columbia is malaria.

3) "Obama is telling the CDC to study the effects of popular media on gun violence.  That isn't the CDC's job!  Obama is improperly extending the powers of the government!"

Actually, the CDC did in fact used to study the relationship between popular entertainment and violence.  The gun lobby said their findings amounted to propaganda and got Congress to muzzle them.  Obama is simply restoring something they used to do all the time.  Afraid of what they may find?

Good night, and God bless.
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