Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

What Do You Know? Platinum Tarnishes After All!

Last week, you will recall, I wrote about the upcoming conference call with Platinum Studios and its head honchos, Scott Rosenberg (CEO) and Chris Beall (President).  I was looking forward to all kinds of blood to come dripping down.

The conference call went down on Wednesday.

Neither Rosenberg or Beall were on the line.  It was mostly the investors talking to each other.

Somewhere in all this came documents that Beall eventually got disillusioned with Rosenberg and tried to have the shareholders oust him.  Rosenberg pulled a reversal and got Beall sacked instead.

No further information forthcoming.

Oh, man, this just keeps getting better and better.
Tags: art, comic books, comics, don't say i didn't warn you, don't try this at home, portents of doom, technology is a beautiful thing, this ought to be interesting
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