Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Schoooooooooool's Out! For! Summer!

Either Barack Obama is the world's greatest In Real Life troll, or he's about to shaft another group of people who helped get him elected.

Obama is telling schools that they should add more hours to classes, stay open later, and cut back on summer vacation time.  Sheesh, why not just turn the places into boarding schools?  (I know, I know...don't give him any ideas, Peter!)

Obama pointed out how so many schools in foreign countries have more hours for their students and, as the national news is constantly reminding us, they test way higher than US students do.

Of course, this overlooks that fact that we have schools in the inner city with hopelessly outdated stuff (one Chicago inner city school had an encyclopedia set from 1937) and students that don't want to learn and don't care if they flunk.  I bet if you weeded those students out, we'd be a lot higher on the ladder.  And of course, anyone who thinks that education gets you ahead in the world and if you don't apply yourself, you'll never succeed, well...I think our last President might disagree with you there.

The reason I see this as fucking over the teachers is that there is no outline to increase pay for them.  They grade homework at home, have to prepare lesson plans on their own time, stay later on their own dime in classes larger than one person should have to manage, and here's Obama saying, "You're gonna have to do more with no help and no pay."  Niiiiiiiiiiice.

There comes a point where doing the right thing is laudible, but the way you set about doing it is a very bad idea.  Increasing school time is going to have the opposite effect.  But try getting him to stop covering his ears and listen to you explain that.  Logic is an enemy.
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