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My Next Public Appearance Will Be At DanCon On March 16!

So, did I mention I'm going to be at DanCon?

I didn't?  Oops.

I keep forgetting I need to do this.  Oy, gevalt!

Derpy Eye Spin

Okay, so, my next public appearance for those of you in the area is going to be at DanCon on March 16.  It's at the Orland Park Civic Center in Orland Park, IL from 1000AM to 400PM.  Adults are $3, kids 12 and under are $1.  Your friendly neighborhood manga-ka will be there with all kinds of stuff.  The Stress Puppy graphic novel will be there, as well as complete runs of Sound Waves, Head Above Water, and Red Riding Hood.  Also, I'll have the Toob Raider comic.  Maybe I'll even have some copies of my Doctor Whooves fan comics available for trade (I'm a sucker for old video games.  Any games with mermaids other than Kingdom Hearts,Beavis And Butthead In Virtual Stupidity</b>, or Mutant League Football will get my attention, hint hint).  I'll also have my games like Cloudburst and Lightning Strike.

There have been a few new releases since DanCon last year, but the biggest release coming is the next Hannah Singer book, Hope Springs Eternal.  It is on track for release in a week and a half, and I'll have copies at DanCon for sale.

What if you don't give a shit about meeting me?  I'm glad you asked!  There will be lots of other fun stuff there.  Dirk Manning, Image Comics writer and my brother in arms fro Bleeding Cool, will be there.  Also will be Tom Stillwell, guardian angel of the trenches (giving legal advice to small pressers) and founder of Spinner Rack Comics.  Brian Babendererde will be there (Soul Chaser Betty, art director for the Beavis And Butthead game I mentioned above), as well as John Everson (Bram Stoker award winning author).  Michael Mendheim, art director on video games like the also above mentioned Mutant League Football, will be there.  Anthony Feinman, whose dad introduced me to small press comic publishing, will be there.  As will Rene Castellano and David Gruba (Tales Of The Wolfman).  Mark Stegbauer, pro inker for Marvel, will be in attendance.  Rob E. Brown has done major pencil work for Marvel (Spider-Man, Excalibur, Daredevil, Ghost Rider).  Gabriel Bautista has worked on All Star Western and The Spirit for DC.  Cory Hamscher is a veteran artist of Marvel's all ages line and CLASH, published by Moonstone.  Unshaven Comics represents, as does Sun Bros Studios.  

Publishers!  Publishers will be there!  Beta 3, a swell bunch of people giving a lot of guys now working for the majors their big break, will be there.  So will Big Dog Ink (Critter, A Penny For Your Soul).  Whether you're mainstream or indie, there's lots here.

So come by!  Come by and come buy!  Lots of people deserving support, and I'll have lots of cool stuff, too!  All profits go to the Peter G Home For Hot Strippers!  See you there!
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