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Signal Boosting: The Key To A Job Search Is, You Don't Need Them, They Need You

So, Art Baltazar and his buddy Franco, two of the sweetest, nicest, and most genuine guys in all of comics, were given the bum's rush out of DC Comics.  Superman Family Adventures, a consistent performer, was cancelled with issue #12 this April, after Tiny Titans was given the heave-ho because...well, I don't know.  It went 50 issues, and even crossed over with Archie.

Baltazar and Franco didn't even know the book was cancelled until it got reported on Bleeding Cool.  Admittedly, this is DC, who in the 90's was known for firing people by fax at 5PM on Friday, and recently sacked Gail Simone by email.  But even by those standards, this was pretty low.  It doesn't help that it was Art Baltazar.  Picking on Baltazar is like kicking a puppy -- you will NOT look good no matter how you try to spin the story.

Baltazar and Franco, however, decided to do what they usually do -- be the bigger person.  They started working on their own indie comic, just like they did with Patrick The Wolf Boy.  They recruited all sorts of other big names who can't wait to work on this, including the awesome Mark Waid.  But launching a comic line is expensive.

So they turned to Kickstarter to crowdsource the funding.  To launch the comic for six months, they needed $15,000.

The fund started this morning at about 9AM Chicago time.

As I write this, it has already made the mark.

I say again -- a pair of creators that DC felt didn't have a big enough following made $15,000 for their comic company in LESS THAN SEVEN HOURS!!!

MLP - Pinkie Pie Party Cannon (animated)

This is what I get for going to work today.  Among the tiers were three involving Mark Waid.  For $100, you could get one of three phone calls from Mark Waid, telling you:

1)  Why Superman is better than Batman
2)  Why Superman is better than Aquaman
3)  Why Superman is better than any comic book character you care to name.

Full runs of Superman Family Adventures.  Full runs of Tiny Titans, complete with Archie crossover.  Getting your own original characters as a pin-up in the back of the book.

I love Baltazar.  He's an incredible guy.

And he's just made DC look like a bunch of chumps.

If you want to contribute, here's the Kickstarter page.  I highly recommend you do it.  If they make $30,000, that guarantees publication for a full year instead of six months with the $15,000.

Support the good guys.  Contribute to this.
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