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Junior Matlock Club -- This Didn't Happen To Lindsay Lohan

"Now, it is from little misdemeanors that major felonies grow. And it is my duty -- it is ANYBODY'S duty! -- to stop them before they get too far.  NOW THE LAW MUST BE UPHELD!"

And, by completing the oath, you reaffirm your membership in good standing with the Junior Matlock Club, where we look at criminals who really should consider honest work because they don't have what it takes for a life of crime.

Today's subject is a resident of FloriDUH.  Her name is Penelope Soto, who in court to be tried on a drug charge.  The judge is one Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat.

During the hearing, Soto flipped her hair, dodged the judge's questions, laughed at the judge, and generally acted like the poster child for retroactive abortion rights.  Chomat socked her with the maximum fine, $5,000.

Soto kept talking smack to the judge.  He hit her with another $5,000.

When the judge told her he was serious about the fines, she flipped him off.

MLP - Trixie Oh No You Didnt (animated)

The judge, cool as a cucumber, gave her thirty days in the slammer for contempt of court.  And that has to be served separate from the jail time for the drug charges.

So, if you are upset with a judge, vote them out.  Flipping them off, where it becomes part of the public record, is not advised.
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