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One Step Closer To Perpetual Motion

President Obama, in his second inauguration address, emphasized that we need to continue to search for alternative energy sources.  But solar isn't developed, and wind just isn't practical.  What else is there?

How about beer?

The Alaskan Brewing Company is buying and installing an expensive new broiler in their beer factory.  The broiler will take the spent grain from the brewing process and turn it into steam, which will power the machinery.  It is projected to reduce the factory's energy consumption by as much as 70%.

That's right, all you green energy folks -- the Alaskan Brewing Company is making beer-powered beer.


The gentleman pictured above is Brandon Smith.  Here's how this whole thing came about:

Breweries usually sell off their spent grain to local farms.  But ABC is in the middle of nowhere, so selling and shipping the stuff wasn't practical.  Enter this idea.  The federal government gave them a $500,000 grant, and the company ponied up the remaining $1.8 mil.  The broiler is estimated to save the company $450,000 a year.

So do your part to help the environment -- drink beer.  And lots of it.
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