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I haven't written about the accursed Mr. Geoff Beckett in almost two years, and we have a lot of new readers around here since then.  Long story short:  Beckett is the head of Shocker Toys, which entered into merchandising agreements but never got around to paying the talent or the licensors.  Any attempt to complain about this, privately or on forums, was met by Beckett threatening legal action and generally being a nuisance.  Then shipment of the toys made were lost at sea/destroyed by customs/whatever.  Stories I covered can be read here (the third one is the best, where he gets served papers at the San Diego Comic Con during a panel he was hosting):

Further reading if you want more details on what this anus stain has done:

Please notice, in that last one, the Shocker Toys ID is banned.

Everybody still with me so far?  That's good!

Beckett is at it again with a new toy company.  Paul Grist recently sounded off on this in the pages of his Mudman comic, regarding an action figure of his character Jack Staff that Beckett had licensed:

"In other news, the Jack Staff Action Figure, which I mentioned in a Jack Staff comic a few years ago, will not now be happening. I was originally approached by Geoff Beckett, trading as Shocker Toys, about doing some Jack Staff toys about 7 years ago. This was to be part of an Indie Superhero Toy line which would feature The Tick and Dick Tracy amongst others. Sounded like a good idea to me (Hey! Guess what everybody's getting for Christmas this year!) so I signed a contract which gave Shocker Toys a 3 year licence to produce action figures.

"I should mention at this point that although we had a contract, Shocker Toys didn't pay any money upfront. What I would get would be a percentage on sold figures. As it happened, the next three years came and went and apart from being sent some photos of the model in progress (which were published in Jack Staff), that was it. No toys. No money. Nothing. These things happen. I moved on. I bought other Christmas presents. Imagine my surprise when a few months ago I saw that Geoff Beckett , now trading as GBJR toys (and claiming that he was just an employee of Shocker Toys though he always signed his emails as President Shocker Toys), was using an indigogo campaign to raise funds to produce an Indie Superhero Toy Line, featuring The Tick and Dick Tracy amongst others... and including the Jack Staff figure. I contacted Geoff and told him that he didn't have a licence to produce Jack Staff toys (and hadn't had a licence for three years) and asked him to remove the figure from his campaign. To his credit, Geoff did this quite promptly.

"The latest news is that Geoff is now running a Gofundme campaign for his toy line and is offering blank (unpainted) Jack Staff figures as a "Design your own Hero" option for donations (pictured below -- G). I wouldn't really be bringing all this up, but since I gave Shocker Toys a plug I thought I should now give a word of caution to anyone who might be sending Geoff Beckett, Shocker Toys and/or GBJR Toys any money for toys."

Jack Staff blank

Paul Nicholasi (Idle Hands) chimed in with this:

"In case you missed this post I made during the beginning of the month: Here's the email you get what you try and get Geoff Beckett to explain why he has missed his payment period on a sizable debt...again..and suggest if he isn't going to live up to his obligations, you'll just turn the debt over to people who collect for a living - 'Paul again don't fucking threaten me you don't scare me and you certainly don't know me. As I said I'll pay you again when the holiday is over that is that take it or leave it. Also your lady email was in my spam box which is why I didn't see it stop labeling them with snarky bullshit so they make it to my inbox thanks.'"

The Astro Zombies store sez:

"He made a lot of threats against me too when I did the Tick figure with him. Everything was a lie and once he threatened to "kick my ass" I showed up at a convention in NJ that threat ended quickly. I would NEVER do business with him again. He sold my exclusive figure to people before he even shipped them to me then claimed he didn't get enough to fulfill my initial order."

Beckett's GoFundMe endeavor has $15,000 pledged to him so far.

Don't support this guy.

We must look out for each other.
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