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Third Time Lucky?

I'm a longtime Kylie Minogue fan, even following her career after the American audience forgot about her after "It's No Secret" fell off the charts.  I imported her discs, I caught what I could on video (including an NTSC conversion of her Light Years concert), and stumped big time when Capitol Records decided to bring her Kylie album out in the US.  Since then, her albums in the US have bottomed out (of course, she still sells well everywhere else in the world).

It looks like that might be changing.

Minogue is nothing if not a smart and shrewd business woman, and has just signed a deal with Jay-Z's record label.  Between his knowledge of how to push club music and her desire to be more than a flash in the pan in the US (I mean, come on.  Britney Spears is still pulling down platinums, and she couldn't hit a note if it hit her first.  At least Minogue can actually sing), this third crack at the US market could be what finally gives her staying power.

Team Minogue chants, "Go go go!"
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