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Hello, and welcome to, "Iz Diz A Troll?", where we look at something and try to determine if the people behind it were clueless, funny, or antagonistic.

College basketball teams and fans are notorious for taking cheap shots at each other.  It's often more entertaining than the game itself.  University Of Illinois has a basketball program, and it was doing terribly until last week, when they defeated #1 Indiana.  John Groce, the coach of Illinois, was obviously ecstatic, hugging his son Connor as cameras captured the moment of emotion.  Why was Connor shirtless?  Why is John apparently trying to show his son his war face?  Who cares?  It was just a great shot for an emotional game.  Here's the pic --


Everybody still with me so far?  That's good!

So, Illinois is trying to sell tickets for next Thursday's big game, and decided to use the above image.  Check this out --


Some of you may have noticed that they are playing Penn State, which is still reeling from the baby raping scandal Sandusky and Paterno perpetrated.  Maaaaaaaaaaaybe not the best pic to choose.

So, is this a clueless mistake, a playful jab, or giving Penn State the finger?  Discuss.
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