Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Dragon Their Feet

Update on the Dragon Con story I wrote yesterday, where after 12 years of dodging the truth about Ed Kramer, Dragon Con finally decided to give a response.  There were some people praising Dragon Con and saying they understand their situation and should be applauded for letting everyone know their situation....

Nancy A. Collins, the fine and upstanding writer who has been trying for years to alert people to Kramer and his relationship with Dragon Con, just contacted Bleeding Cool with this little piece of info --

"Dragon Con has removed my comments pointing out Kramer was a guest in 2008 and the link to the victim's statement at ATLANTA MAGAZINE.  They have also blocked me from their page."

Yup.  They've turned over a new leaf, all right.
Tags: a hero among us, art, bleeding cool, comic books, comics, don't say i didn't warn you, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, hell no! i won't go!, hypocrisy, infernal gall, let's talk about sex bay-bee!, portents of doom, stupidity, things that make you go hmm, this ought to be interesting, wrong on every level, wtf
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