Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Gift For The Man Who Has Everything

On eBay, from Spain, an Antique Amputation Surgical Set.  "Lacking pieces."

Bidding as I write this is $3,600.  Shipping is $150.  I'm more curious how you will get it through customs.

I just realized I'm looking at a DIY amputation kit, and my question is how you will get it shipped to your house.

What's worse is the "See what other people are watching."  My display is showing a "Thermalaids Rectal Dilator".  The listing helpfully mentions it is "quackery."  $10 plus $4.50 shipping.

I am so glad my life is half over.  This world is getting to be more than I can stand.
Tags: don't say i didn't warn you, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, nightmare fuel, portents of doom, science in action, things that make you go hmm, wrong on every level, wtf
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