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While waiting at the time clock before punching in this morning, I'm reading a book on the Arduino in preparation for making my own arcade game, a simple electronic game (uses lights instead of a video screen, buzzer instead of speaker, etc.).

One of the new guys sees the book and asks me about it.  I explain it's a microcontroller and some other stuff.  I tell him I'm going to make an arcade game, and the challenge is something that can run on four D batteries so I don't have to worry about power consumption or plugging it in or anything.

"What kind of game are you planning on making?"

Well, I'm going to start small, maybe a simple racing game or possibly a Stacker game, only mine won't cheat.  My ultimate goal is...do you watch the new My Little Pony cartoon?

"That's my shit!  My daughter and I watch it every day!  Rainbow Dash is awesome!"

Well, my ultimate dream is to get things down enough that I can make a MLP steeplechase game.  Three players, each gets one pony, and whoever clears the obstacles the fastest is the winner.

"You make that, I'll buy it off you!"

Another guy waiting in line -- "Me, too!"

Guys, it'll be a couple of years before I make it, and I don't know how much this will cost.  The cabinet alone could run $150.  With the lights, marquee, and everything, it could hit $500 easy.

"I'll still think about it."

"Me, too."  I had forgotten one of the basic rules of parenthood -- daddies will do almost anything for their little girls.

A third guy asks me if I could build one for his rec room.  His kids have moved out, he wants a MLP arcade game for himself.

The moral of this story?  Whether you are a loser or a cool dude depends entirely on who you are hanging with at the moment.

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