Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

We'll Always Have Paris

Longtime readers who remember my Stress Puppy comic strip know that I didn't consider it an official storyline unless 1) I mentioned furries didn't like the strip and 2) I took at least one cheap shot at Paris Hilton.

Hilton and the strip have both fallen off the radar, but Hilton is back with that narcissism that makes her such a tempting target.

Hilton was skiing with her new boyfriend to celebrate her 32 year birthday when he got into a skiing accident.  While he is on a stretcher waiting to be taken away, Hilton does a modeling pose for the camera.


I don't know what's worse -- that she's turning an accident into a photo op or that her boyfriend is giving a thumbs up to the camera instead of a big stiff middle finger to her.

Aw, Paris.  We missed you.
Tags: don't try this at home, infernal gall, stupidity, things that make you go hmm, wrong on every level, wtf
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