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Peter G

Big Brother Is Watching You, Kids!

As Google pervades more and more of our lives (it's kind of scary just how much information you can turn up on people with it), questions remain of what will happen to our right to privacy or to make mistakes.

Here's a preview of what happens when access to information gets in the wrong hands.

Patricia Barnes was driving through Erin, Tennessee, when she got hit with the urge to go to the bathroom.  Nothing unusual there. She stopped at a place called the Flood Zone and went in.

One of the owners of the Flood Zone, who identifies herself as Lisa (won't give her last name), had a sign on the wall that the bathroom was for customers only, others had to pay $5 to use it.  Barnes used the bathroom and attempted to pay the money, but was refused (Lisa confirms this, saying Barnes attempted to hand over $5 twice but, "I would not take her $5").  So Barnes took off.

Well, someone took down the license plate number of Barnes' vehicle, and got their friend a local sherif to dox her.  A few days later, Barnes got a handwritten note at home saying she owed the Flood Zone $5 for the use of their bathroom.  Yeah, after they admitted they didn't take the money when she offered it to them THAT FUCKING DAY.

This happened last October, but a local TV station decided to look into it, and broke the story today.  It has now gone viral.  Lisa has attempted to defend what happened, saying that they started the charge because of people wrecking the bathroom and that Barnes was bossy and she was in there for 20 minutes know what?  That's not the issue.  The issue is that you are charging her after refusing to take her payment, you had someone abuse their power just to annoy them, and this was completely unnecessary.

So if you are driving through Erin, Tennessee, watch where you go.  In both senses of the word.
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