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The Newest Hannah Singer Book Is Out!

I knew I was forgetting to do something....

On February 13, Ash Wednesday, the third book in the Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate series came out.

There are a full nine stories in this book this time.  What happens?

HELL ON WHEELS -- A businessman who screwed his employees and approved a car that was a death trap dies.  The Churches are defending him because he was still a good Christian man.  Hannah has to knock him down.

A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS -- From the early days of Hannah's career.  A man selling phony indulgences dies, and the Churches are looking to hammer him because they see what is coming with Martin Luther and the Reformation.  People's absolution of sins and freedom to explore their own religious beliefs are on the line.

SELF-MADE MAN -- The story of Frankenstein isn't fiction.  It's history.  And Hannah has to lead the defense of the creature to get him into Heaven.

REPEAT PERFORMANCE -- Hannah's worst nightmare happens.  She gets retried by a new senior Church, and Camael, her nemesis among the presiding angels, is sitting in judgment.  Once again, she has to defend herself, against opponents who have had time to prepare for her this time.

RUNNING FROM THE FAMILY -- The brother of a Hollywood star who traded on his notoriety dies, and Hannah has to block him from Heaven.

MANY HAPPY RETURNS -- A man keeps getting reincarnated to help his family, and he's getting tired of not going to Heaven.

SINS OF THE FATHER -- How much responsibility do parents have when their kids turn their backs on them?  This becomes the central issue as Hannah defends a neglected dad.

THE DARKEST SECRET -- A mother corrupts her daughter into sharing the darkest secret with her, and ties her fate to her daughter's to keep from going to Hell.  It's Hannah's toughest case yet, as she tries to save an innocent soul and Cast her betrayer.

ACE OF CLUBS -- A court case decided with a round of golf?  A-yup, and Hannah's forced into play.

You want a copy but you can't see me at DanCon?  What are your options?  I'm glad you asked.  First, here's the link if you have a CreateSpace account.


Next, there's always Amazon. Here's the link for the US site.  And if you want to catch up, here's all three books and they can be ordered individually.

And finally, expanded distribution.  For example, here's a link to Barnes And Noble.

Buy and enjoy, everybody!

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