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The List -- A Sine Timore Production

Checkpoint!  Let's see how I'm doing with my projects to date!

Sound Waves:

Scripts -- have up to issue #13 done.  Actually, this is most interesting, as I am currently in the middle of writing the last story.  It might be two issues or three, I don't know yet, but this is the final story for the series as it is.  So, 15 issues, 16 at most.

Pencils and inks -- #5 is finished.  #6 is getting done, am currently working on page 7.

Lettering -- Still only have #3 lettered.  I have some time off coming up in October.  So the plan is to try to get #6 done by then, then spend the weekend lettering 4, 5, and 6 in succession.

Current issue for sale -- #2.  When #3 comes out, I'm going to take a good look at where I stand as far as my deadlines are concerned.  I'm giving very serious thought to, once #3 is out, switching from a quarterly release to bi-monthly.  We'll see how it goes.

Head Above Water:

Scripts -- no progress, still have only the first couple of pages of #4 done.  However, as I'm trying to get the Sound Waves stories done and in the can, I figure it won't be long before I have that slot open, then I can resume working on the HAW scripts.  I still expect to have #4 and #5 done by the end of the year.

Pencils and inks -- I am currently working on page 15 of #2.  Not as much progress as I'd hoped, I really wanted page 16 done by this point.  But still, 13 pages in a month is pretty quick given the constraints and details I've chosen for depicting Amber and her situation.

Lettering -- Still not done.  I'm angling to have #2 penciled and inked at about the same time I scan in the pages for #5 and #6 of Sound Waves, and then, for the Great Lettering Weekend, I'll do issues 1 and 2 of HAW at the same time.  I think I found a font that will work perfect for the series.

Germ Warfare:  on hiatus while I practice some more with Pascal.

So, the goals for the month of October are to have up to #6 of Sound Waves done and in the can, waiting for the printer, #2 of Head Above Water done and in the can, and some solid progress on Sound Waves #7 and Head Above Water #3.  Wish me luck.
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