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Confidential To....

Okay, let me explain a couple of things first --

1)  My mother is in Florida and not here in Illinois while my sister is in rehab because, when mom got the news about her most recent arrest, she started having chest pains and other symptoms of the onset of a heart attack.  So she is staying down there until this whole mess is (hopefully) sorted out.

2)  My dad is here in Illinois and has already had a heart attack several years ago, and each heart attack makes it easier to have the next one.  The pressure my sister has put him under, combined with the anger and trying to keep her from going over the edge, has put such a strain on him, he couldn't watch his Chicago Bears play football because he recognized chest pains and other symptoms of the onset of a heart attack.

3)  So my sister is potentially triggering heart attacks in both our parents with all this.  Parents who are also both diabetic and thus are just not cut out for dealing with this bullshit.

Now --

Today was supposed to be my sister's last day in rehab.  That didn't work out, her case worker will supposedly make her recommendation on Thursday.  The recommendation could be to keep her there longer (considering my sister conned her driver into helping her not go straight back after her NA meeting, it's a definite possibility) or that my sister go to a halfway house.  The halfway house means my sister is released and can do as she wishes, go to the halfway house or not.

In the presence of the case worker, the discussion went something like this....

"I don't want to go to the halfway house."

You need it to continue rehab.

"The only reason I'm here is to make dad and (her husband) happy."

Then think how happy you'll make them if you continue to dry out.

"I don't want to spend my birthday or my anniversary in the halfway house."

Your trial is coming up.  If you don't go, you'll be spending your next three birthdays and anniversaries in jail.

"Oh, I'm not going to go to jail for this."

Uh, every legal mind familiar with your case says you are.  You bail, dad will stop paying your lawyer and you go up the river for three years.

With a roll of her eyes, my sister says, "Oh, dad will never do that."

Her case worker red lined.  "You selfish bitch!  You don't care about anyone, do you?!?  You just do your time and act like you're the inconvenienced one!  You don't care how much money your dad has spent!  You don't care the pressure you put on him!  You just want what you want!"

My sister just bottled up at that point.  She was giving her case worker the same look she gave me when I read her the riot act -- how dare you talk to me that way.

Mom and dad have said that, if my sister goes to jail, they will disown her.

And this is why I want her to go to jail.

She won't be able to suck them dry financially.  She won't be able to hurt them.  She is killing my mom and dad as surely as if she stuck a gun to their heads.  She's going to relapse, there's no way she won't go back to the pills.  And not only will the cycle continue, I could be looking at losing one or both parents.

But if she goes to jail, they wash their hands of her, they are angry instead of hurt, and my parents live.

So think me cruel for saying, "I want my sister to go to jail," if you must.  But no jury will convict me, no angel will condemn me.
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