Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Who Will Buy My Memories?

Any of you near Los Angeles?  Got a few extra bucks?  Want to dig for some dirt?

Then hie yourself down to the EZ Storage - Pico at 11470 Tennessee Ave. in Los Angeles, CA  90064 on April 3rd.  At 1000AM, they will be holding auctions on abandoned storage spaces.

Of particular interest are spaces 5068, 5070 to 5074 inclusive, and 5113.  These storage spaces were the property of Platinum Entertainment (hi, Scott!  How's it hanging?).  You don't pay your rent on time, they assume it's abandoned, they padlock it, and auction off the contents.  We have no way of knowing what's in there.  Could be comics.  Could be screeners of Cowboys And Aliens....

...could be legal documents no one wants to get out.  And those of you thinking this is too outrageous, remember -- it was a public storage auction that confirmed Paris Hilton has herpes.  Lots of seemingly trivial stuff goes in these places.

I just checked my calendar, and shit and scrambled eggs, I'm busy that day.  But any of my fine and upstanding readers who want to roll the dice, there's the info, you decide what to do next.
Tags: art, comic books, comics, i'm such a bitch, just desserts, things that make you go hmm, this ought to be interesting
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