Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Fuck The Kankakee Fantasy Con

Now THAT'S how you keep from burying the lead.

For those wondering, no.  I am not going to the Kankakee Fantasy Con this year.


I'm not wanted there.

You have to keep in mind getting into the show has always been a bit tricky.  The first year in 2011, it was a new show and I didn't even know about it until Franchesco! told me about it at C2E2 that April.  I only got a table because the nice folks at the Illinois Paranormal Society couldn't make it and graciously let me have their table.

2012 saw a new person running the whole show instead of the two people from the first year.  I had no idea the show was going on until Mornblade mentioned to me at DanCon that March that someone repping the KFC was going around the convention floor.  I recognized the flyer when he brought me one -- the tables around me had them, but somehow, I was overlooked.  I figured it was the guy's first show, contacted him, and managed to get a table that year.

Now, 2013.  While selecting what vacation days I wanted for this year, I wondered if there would be a KFC this year.  I hadn't heard anything.  And once again, no knowledge until Mornblade pointed out the Kankakee Public Library was there and they had flyers for the new KFC.  I went to the table, introduced myself.  The guy was the guy from last year -- he just gave me a card to contact him with, no real talking.  O-kay....

So, I send him an email last Sunday, the day after DanCon, asking about table availability and such.

No answer.

I decide to call him today.  Get him on the phone.

He says he's been so busy and hasn't had a chance to sort anything out yet.

I mention the tables fill quickly and I wanted to get in as soon as possible.

He said he'd get to it soon and he'd let me know if they could get me a table.

I asked if he wanted my email address.

He said he still has my contact information on file.

I politely said good-bye and hung up.

And then I started swearing.

He has my contact information?!?  He's been in contact with enough others that almost all the tables for KFC are filled, but he didn't contact me?!?  Combine that with his "everyone but Peter" approach from last year, and I wanted him to not say he'd get back to me.  Just fucking tell me you don't want me there, quit stringing me along.

I'm not going to bother squatting, and I just sent him an email withdrawing my request to be part of the show (I bet THAT one gets read right away).  Will I go as a guest?  I don't know.  Not going to bother writing it up for Bleeding Cool, though.

I've been running into this a bit lately -- people who say, "Oh, yeah, we'll do this, we want to work with you," and then they just leave you on the line.  I've been cutting them loose just because I'm fed up.  Do not confuse me being nice with me being stupid.  I'm not a third wheel, and will not be treated as one.

So, I won't be going to KFC this year, and possibly never again.  They sent their message, and I heard it loud and clear.
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