Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

A Heartfelt Thank You To My Fine And Upstanding Readers

Yesterday, I wrote about how the Kankakee Fantasy Con has been going passive aggressive on me because they don't want me there and can't bring themselves to tell me, "No, go away."

Since then, I've gotten comments on my Facebook page and emails from people who go to KFC specifically to see me saying they no longer have a reason to go to KFC.  And I've gotten lots of IM's, emails, and such of general support from others (including one longtime buddy from the trenches who told me what exactly KFC's problem with me is.  I can't say what I was told, but it's nothing personal.  It's still bullshit, but it's nothing personal).

I just wanted to take a moment to gush that I've got the best friends and fans in all of time and space.  Thank you for siding with this humble creator.  I'm always serious when I refer to my "fine and upstanding" audience.  Things like this are why.  Thank you all again.
Tags: achievement unlocked!, art, comic books, comics, i feel much better about myself, i'll drink to that, important life lessons, pure awesome, sez who? sez me!, swag muthahfuggahs, welcome to the next level

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