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Angels And Ministers Of Grace, Protect Us!

In one of the Hannah Singer stories, Hannah meets Jeanne d'Arc (Joan Of Arc).  As they talk about their lives, Hannah mentions that she had been an Atheist before she died.  Jeanne asks, "So you aren't an Atheist anymore?"  And Hannah says, "Kind of stupid to be one now."

Gail Simone has famously said that "Atheism in comics is dumb."  With the exposure to the fantastic and the Revolving Door Of Death, she just can't believe it.  That said, the Marvel Universe, which is the subject of this post, has a bit of a cross section of religious beliefs among the characters, as revealed in the general stories and some in The Infinity Guantlet --

Nightcrawler -- Catholic
Daredevil -- Catholic
Iron Man -- Atheist
Captain America -- Christian
Wolverine -- Atheist
Ben Grimm -- Christian
Sue Storm -- Christian
Beast -- Was Christian, now Atheist
Thor -- This is a joke, right?

Keep in mind Heaven in the MU probably exists.  I mean, yeah, Marvel edited Jesus Christ out of existence.  But Neil Gaiman's Angela is about to be made an official part of the MU, so...yeah....

Anyway, the most recent issue of Fantastic Four (#5) came out today.  And it has one of those moments, the kind that, if you are familiar with the comic's history, you just don't know what to think.  Reed and Sue have left their two kids, Valeria and Franklin, in deep space where they will supposedly be safe from the Age Of Ultron nonsense going on.  There are personal messages for the kids from each member of the FF.  And then there's this from Reed to them --


Now, let's overlook that this is a questionable thing to do to two kids you have just stranded in deep space with no guarantees that you'll be alive to bring them back and, if you die, they will die to.  That's not the issue that I have.

The issue I have is that Reed Richards has no business being an Atheist.

Doctor Doom sent Franklin Richards to Hell.  Reed stole the machine and he not only went to Hell and rescued Franklin from Hell, he went to Heaven to bring back both Ben Grimm AND Sue Storm (God appeared in the issue, and in a nice touch, was drawn to look like Jack Kirby).

Long story short:  there is a Heaven, there is a Hell, YOU'VE BEEN THERE, YOU OBJECTIVIST PRICK!

Oh, and being a man of science does not automatically mean you don't believe in any sort of god(s).  Just sayin'.
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