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Doctor Who: The Bells Of Saint John

So, did anyone else see the 4th Doctor's scarf hanging on the wall when Clara disconnects the intercom?  Easter egg, or more Moffat foreshadowing?  Also, did anyone notice the book "Summer Falls" was written by one Amelia Williams?  Ah, it's probably nothing.  Just me reading too much into things....

I kept thinking of the alternate Fantastic Four, when Ghost Rider drove his motorcycle up the side of the building.

So, the Great Intelligence was in London about 1842, the Doctor defeated him in 1892 (and gave him a hint with the London Underground map, since that was what the Great Intelligence used to send his Yetis to invade London in the Troughton era story The Web Of Fear), the second Doctor defeats him twice, in 1928 then in 1968, and now, the eleventh Doctor again in 2013.  Is he this season's Prisoner Zero?  Kislet reverting back to her childhood freaked me out.

That was a long way to go to set up a gag.  The phone of the TARDIS ringing was the bells of Saint John.  Wha-whaaaaaaa....

Run You Clever Boy And Remember 1 2 3...4?  Is there a fourth Clara coming?  Or already existing?  And is she the one who had the Doctor's phone number?

We have a repeat of the central theme of Asylum Of The Daleks here, with people not knowing what they are because they are electronic now.  And also a little Silence In The Library, with stemmy creatures and cries for help.

The Doctor saves the day with a Windows netbook and an iPad instead of Linux and Android.  Fuck.  That.  Shit.


Apr. 1st, 2013 02:37 am (UTC)
Word of warning -- the Troughton serials are incomplete (I think Web Of Fear is completely missing, and I think it's the first appearance of the Brigadier, although he was a lower rank at the time). Audio and recons still exist, but that might be the best you get.

I'm just amused that the Great Intelligence is voiced by the alternate 9th Doctor. I wonder if Moffat is setting something up with that....

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