Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Whole Shooting Match

Yesterday, I wrote about the inherent goofiness of Senator Chris Murphy asking Rupert Murdoch to cancel broadcasting the NASCAR Sprint Cup yesterday because it was being sponsored by the NRA.  My stance was that it was just a stupid publicity stunt because so many other groups advertise during shows and no one complains about them (especially during things like the Obamacare debate), so singling out the NRA was unfair.

This swiveled a spotlight on the race.  Whether you agree with the NRA or not, there is an anti-gun bias in the media, one that existed long before all these massacres started.  Unfortunately, this is making a lot of people jump to conclusions.

Let's start with the broadcast of the race itself.  Shortly after the race began, people on the Internet were saying that Fox changed the name of the race.  Because of the NRA sponsorship, it should have been called the NRA 500.  Instead, commentators and onscreen graphics referred to it as the Texas 500.

Now, don't hype about 1st Amendment rights.  This is actually typical of Fox.  Just last week, they broadcast the Martinsville Race, which was sponsored by STP motor oil.  Fox did not once refer to it as the STP Gas Booster 500 Race, they referred to it as the Martinsville Race.  So, no, it doesn't look like Fox was hiding the sponsorship away (they probably would have "remembered" it for a few hundred thousand more dollars, if you know what I mean.  And I THINK you do).

How about coverage?  AP and ESPN didn't refer to it as the NRA 500.  But a search of their previous coverage shows they only refer to it by location, not by sponsor.  So they are being consistent as well.

For those of you worried about a conspiracy, though, here's a little reassurance -- the USA Today did, in fact, refer to the race as the NRA 500.  No snark or anything, they stated it very matter of factly.

Yes, there is bias out there.  But not everything is bias.  All I'm saying is take a deep breath before you start worrying about censorship.
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