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I hate Bill Maher.  I regard him as a Constitutional opportunist who will change that mighty document if it suits his ends but will be the first to use it as a shield when his big mouth gets him in trouble.

So when I find myself actually agreeing with him (or him agreeing with me, whatever), I have to run a series of tests to make sure I haven't slipped into the Bizzarro Universe or something.

Maher has always described himself as a Libertarian, but now, he's turning his attention to two self-identified Libertarians -- Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand Paul.  And those of you who think I'm laying it on Paul a little thick, Maher says that Paul is a Randroid, too.  "Libertarianism morphed into this creepy obsession with free market capitalism” based on Atlas Shrugged.  "Her book has a strange appeal to people who are kind of smart, but not really."  "New rule:  libertarians have to stop ruining libertarianism.  Or at least do a better job of explaining the difference between today's libertarian and just being a selfish prick."

Randroid is having some trouble with this, and his newest shot in the foot occurred earlier this week.  Randroid went to Howard University as part of the Republican Establishment's "Reach out to minorities because we are screwed without them" strategy.  Howard University is predominantly black and is one of the best schools for learning history.  Hearing this, I reflected on Randroid saying the civil rights laws never should have been passed and thought, "This should be hecka fun."

Randroid was about to start speaking when a student unfurled a banner that said, "Howard University does not support white supremacy."  The student was walked out, and Randroid tried to wave it off.  But he was clearly rattled, knowing he was facing a hostile audience.  How rattled?  He forgot the name of the first popularly elected black US Senator, Edward Brooke.  This is especially funny because Brooke graduated from Howard University.  Randroid also told the gathered students that the NAACP was founded by black Republicans, who pretty much reacted with a resounding, "DUUUUUUUUUUH!!!"  That's the problem with acting like you are the smartest person in the room -- oftentimes, you're not.

Randroid's stance on the R's and where they stood with minorities was pretty much copypasted from last month's "Trump The Race Card" panel at CPAC.  The message candidates had to get on was this:  Republicans believed in abolition of slavery and weren't racist in the 19th century.  We're not talking about now, we're talking about then.  Okay, let's talk about then.  Lincoln was adamant that, by abolishing slavery, he was NOT saying blacks were equal to whites.  He went out of his way to make sure everyone knew.  It was a political move to piss off the South, it had nothing to do with what was right.

Randroid also claimed that the R's didn't lose black support because of their embracing racist policies in the 1980's, despite RNC chair Ken Mehlman apologizing for the Southern Strategy in 2005 (which was still being employed in the last two elections, I might note).  What cost the R's support from blacks wasn't Reagan announcing his 1980 presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi.  The place's ONLY claim to fame is it was the site of civil rights murders.  It wasn't Newt Gingrich in the 1990's saying he would build emergency prisons and advertise longer sentences on "MTV and rap radio."  It wasn't even Randroid's old dad, Ron Paul, who was getting rich endorsing newsletters warning readers of the coming "race war."  Nope, none of that had anything to do with it.

So what did it?

The New Deal programs the D's cooked up in the 1930's.

"I think what happened during the Great Depression was that African Americans understood that Republicans championed citizenship and voting rights but they became impatient for economic emancipation.  African Americans languished below white Americans in every measure of economic success and the Depression was especially harsh for those at the lowest rung of poverty.  The Democrats promised equalizing outcomes through unlimited federal assistance while Republicans offered something that seemed less tangible -- the promise of equalizing opportunity through free markets."

Uh, excuse me, Randroid?  Blacks by and large couldn't vote back then.  It was WHITE PEOPLE who voted for those government assistance programs.  And Dwight Eisenhower, who ran on the Great Society platform, was offering all kinds of government assistance during his run, but he only got 39% of the black vote in 1956.  Nice try, but you fail.  So take your Mitt Romney talking points and get the fuck out of Dodge.

Randroid just barely scored the win in the RNC straw poll, Rubio is close behind, and he's not working as hard as Randroid and his compatriots like Santorum.  If this keeps up, Randroid will get a set number of votes based on people who always vote for that bullshit, but the new generation of people like Rubio with squash him like a grape.

And I'll be laughing my ass off.
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