Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Upon Further Review -- Boycott Boycott-Novell

Some more interesting details about the site have come to light.

1)  The guy running the site is David Schlesinger, who considers Miguel de Icaza a pal of his.  Miguel is apparently such a big fan of this idea that, according to Schlesinger, de Icaza and a buddy of his let the cat out of the bag before he was ready to make the site public (the "enemies list" is proof of that).  Since writing to a blog counts as publication, I'm putting this here as a legal shield.  It's a message from opensourcetogo.blogspot that says, "I got an email from Bruce Byfield yesterday, from which I learned that one of my stealth projects had been "outed" by my pals Miguel and jdub."  Every time Miguel lowers my expectations of him, he limbos right under the bar.

2)  verofakto is the author of the "Faux FOSS Fundamentalists" list.  According to Twitter, one of his followers is Miguel de Icaza.  How is it that people are still saying that anyone who calls Miguel a sell out to FOSS is being petty, judgemental, and jealous?  How else can you interpret actions like this?

3)  NO ANONYMOUS POSTING!  For a website full of people with axes to grind.  Oh, yes!  Let me decloak so I can interact with these assholes!  This ranks right up there with the TV show Cheaters offering a dating web site for fans of the show.  Survey says, WTF?

4)  One of the Grokbots pointed out that the site deletes comments.  'Nuff said.
Tags: computers, digital rights, foss, linux, open source
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