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Humorless political types like me are laughing like loons that Chicago sevened out on getting the Olympics.  Daley's political jockeying works in Cook County, most of Illinois, but when you are dealing with international types, you can't threaten to make them uncomfortable if they don't repay your favors.  You have nothing to bargain with.

Bye-bye increased taxes, bye-bye road construction projects that they can't get right NOW, let alone for 2016, bye-bye making Daley's e-penis bigger.  I was talking quite happily about this at the lunch counter when another person sitting down from me let her feelings be known that she wasn't happy that Chicago wouldn't get the Olympics.  According to her, her husband had invested some money in some property, expecting it to be bought to make an Olympic venue or housing site.  With no Olympics, the property was now next to worthless.

And, boy, was she PISSED.

A little anger was directed at me and my unrestrained glee (my mom never meant to raise a mean kid, but there you go).  I asked her about the increased government intrusion and the additions to a deficit Illinois can't afford now (driver's licenses jump from $15 to $35 in a few days) and other increased taxes to help pay for our government instead of cost cutting.

None of that mattered.  All that mattered to her was this was a chance for her and her husband to come into some serious money and now it's vanished like spring ice.  Forget all the other civic matters.  This was a chance for them to grab some of that pie, and the hell with anyone else.  After all, if they don't want to get screwed, they should be taking actions like they are.  You're the screwer or the screwee.  It's the circle of life.

This is where we are failing as a society.  Instead of, "Yeah, I can get enriched, but at someone else's expense?  That isn't right," it's, "Hey, someone's gonna do it, it might as well be me."  We've become a society of casual opportunists, focusing on the individual's desires instead of doing the right thing.

It's the Chicago way -- get yours and take their's.


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Oct. 3rd, 2009 07:42 pm (UTC)
It's the Chicago way -- get yours and take their's.

This is why nobody believes that Ex-Gov Rod is innocent of corruption charges. Everything that has been released of the wire-tap tapes suggests that he was doing business as per Chicago usual.

As for this woman being pissed because her hubby bought a lot of land in hopes of selling it to the Olympics, what she is failing to see is that even if Chicago DID get the Olympics, that doesn't mean they would buy her hubby's land. They may have chosen land somewhere else. And then who does she have to blame? The same person she should be blaming NOW... her husband. He didn't have the fore-thought about what he was going to do with all of this land if the Chicago deal fell through or if the Olympic Committee were to choose a different location near Chicago. If he couldn't take the loss, he should never have bought the property.

Example: My brother is buying a house. He plans to rent that house out. The intention is to have a vacation house. Renting it out is an afterthought with the idea that it will assist in paying the mortgage, taxes, and utilities. Besides, they aren't going to be at the house themselves for more than a few weeks a year, they might as well try to off-set their finances. Notice, they are prepared to buy it anyway, if it doesn't rent, they will cope. If it does rent, great.

So, I say unto you, keeping laughing, futuaris nisi irrisus ridebis.
Oct. 4th, 2009 05:04 pm (UTC)
Take a look at what I'm doing with Sound Waves -- I had avoided self-publishing for years because, regardless of what Dave Sim says, it IS risky. You have to get enough books sold, pay the printer ($1,500 for 1K copies, minimum order, and the distributor only pays 40% of your cover price), pay the tale, and pray that you get the money from the distributor in time to make your bills. (When I was trying to launch PK Hunter, I had enough cash for three issues, hoping that was enough of a cushion.) And with the changes Diamond has made, the chances of that happening are even worse now.

Sound Waves is being handled by a print-on-demand service. Yes, it cuts significantly into the profit margin. But it also means I'm not shelling out the cost of a used car for books that might just be sitting around collecting dust instead of a distributor carrying them. As for Diamond with its minimum orders, the books are avaiable through an online distro. The audience is much much smaller, but it doesn't put me out on a limb, and I can still build on it.

But notice it's because I did a risk assessment that included, what happens if you can't sell a single copy because X, Y, or Z goes wrong? And had I gone the other way, I would have no one to blame but myself. As the song goes, if you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.
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