Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Be Careful What You Wish For

Hi, mom.

"Did you do something for your sister for Mother's Day?"

She's not that kind of mother.

"Your sister needs a little affirmation right now."

That's her problem.

"Couldn't you get her a card?"

It's Sunday.  She'll never get it.

Eventually, mom says, "Dedicate a song to her!"


"It'll cost you nothing.  She listens to a certain station all the time.  She's listening now.  Dedicate a song to her."


Three minutes of pleading, I cave.

I hang up with mom and call the radio station.  I dedicate a song to my sister....

"Mother's Little Helper" by the Stones.

About twenty minutes later, mom calls me.  Before I can even say hello, she says, "THAT WASN'T FUNNY!"

The hell it's not.

Looks like I'll be excused from this bullshit next year.
Tags: art, cheap shots r us, don't try this at home, hell no! i won't go!, i do all my own stunts, i feel much better about myself, i'll drink to that, i'm such a bitch, infernal gall, just desserts, just play music, punk as phuck, sez who? sez me!, technology is a beautiful thing, that had to hurt, things that make you go hmm, throwing elbows, wrong on every level
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