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Snap Judgments: My Little Pony -- Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls posterHello, and welcome to another installment of Snap Judgments, where I look at something that is in the works to be unleashed upon the world and take a wild ass guess as to what it's going to be like.

This installment is going to be an odd one.  I had run across the occasional reference to its name, but always dismissed it as a fanfic or fanon like Double Rainboom or Cupcakes or Fallout: Equestria.  (Or, yes, even Doctor Whooves.)  It's for My Little Pony -- Equestria Girls.  I thought it was fanmade.  Even the title sounds like a fan project.  It made me think of Katy Perry's California Gurls.

But it turns out, it's real.  The proof was how Entertainment Weekly wrote it up.  EW broke the story that, at the end of Season 3, Twilight was going to become an alicorn princess.  So yeah, I think we can take this to the bank.

The dirt:  it will supposedly premiere at the LA Film Festival on June 13, and start a theatrical run on June 16 (on a Sunday?).  I can't find any further information than that.  I don't know if it will be a limited or wide release, how wide, anything.  IMDB lists the movie itself, but doesn't feature it on their "Coming Soon" page.  Like I said, I was really debating if this was real or not.

So, before we go any further, we might as well watch the trailer, since that is what I'll be basing my opinion on.  Here we go:

So, what we have here is what happens to a lot of things when they cross lines like this.  Human girls?  I mean, the show can lend itself to a longer narrative, they've done it before.  I guess I should just be thankful that they aren't doing the standard origin/in the beginning story that movies based on other things feel obligated to start with.

First thing that hit me is a little bit of confusion.  The ponies on the show are adults, either just out of high school or there for a while (Cheerilee is a teacher, Pinkie has a job at the bakery, Fluttershy has a successful animal rehab practice, Twilight is a grad student, etc.).  And yet, this is in high school.  Just saying it's a tiny little inconsistency.

Twilight is clearly the focus, the others are operating around her, as her surprise to see Pinkie shows.  So, Twilight is the viewpoint character.  We see her dealing with a crush (why do I suspect that isn't an underage human but another pony who came over as well?), being socially awkward, and, of course, the school's Queen Of Mean.  In other words, it's looking like a cliche high schooler empowerment movie along the lines of Bratz and other such flicks.

Of course, this is immaterial.  The bottom line is, MLP-FiM was never intended to be enjoyed by a 41 year old male.  It is a tween girls comedy.  They are the target audience, so they get a story they can identify with.  It's a happy accident that I can enjoy the series, but the fact is, it wasn't supposed to happen.  So I have no reason to bitch about this.

That said, the movie does appear to have the formula down.  The show itself has cliche situations and Important Life Lessons, nothing you don't see on dozens of other shows.  But what makes it click is the energy.  The characters are unique and fun (Rainbow Dash is an asshole, after all, but that doesn't stop her from being fun).  The first sign in the trailer that this could work was when Twilight runs into human Pinkie and the balloon starts blowing her lips back (plus the characters clearly have Twilight's back). It's only going to be 72 minutes, so it won't overstay its welcome.

Some misgivings?  Sure.  But it's just possible that this Elseworlds tale might deliver some laughs and a good time.
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