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Peter G

Money, It's A Crime

This week, MicroSoft finally unveiled its new next gen game system, the Xbox One.

It's classic M$, in that it doesn't give a shit about the consumer.

There were two major concerns.  The first was that the unit would have to be always on and connected to the Internet or it wouldn't work.  And the second was that M$ would find a way to lock out used games.

The scorecard so far:  the WiiU plays used games.  Sony recently confirmed they would play used games.  And neither requires always on Internet.

The Xbox One breaks both of these.

First, M$ said the XBox One doesn't have to connect 24 hours a day, it just phones home once a day.  However, that's just the unit.  Games, such as when HalfLife 2 first debuted, can require a phone home or even connect to the cloud.  And those of you thinking this isn't a problem, remember EA and their Sim City 8 debacle.  So if your Internet goes down or the server goes down or whatever, you can't even play a single player game.

That is nothing compared to the used game thing.  The discs that ship will install the game on the XBox hard drive so you shouldn't need the disc anymore.  However, each disc has a special serial number.  When the game is installed, the XBox phones home and registers that number with your gamer tag.  If you then sell this game to someone else, their unit will see the game is used and lock out the user.  Unless, of course, they want to pay a purchase fee to own it.  The code then transfers to them.

Notice this means that stores that partner with M$ (like, say, GameSpot) are now frozen out of any revenue from used games.  M$ also says they have a way so that you can play your games on a friend's machine without them having to buy it again.  This also means they maintain a database of everything you are playing.

Have I mentioned how much I love my Atari?
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