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pinkie_conspiracyI used to think the Tea Partiers were the biggest bunch of political idiots out there.

Nope.  The Truther movement is gaining.  Art Bell would laugh at these people.

Before I go any further, I would like you to think back to the Reagan Administration.  Reagan did a lot of stupid shit.  I'm not talking the astrology, lots of people are at least partly curious about astrology and will build their days around horoscopes they read in the paper or online, so Reagan was hardly unique in that regard.  I'm talking about the killer trees, ketchup as a vegetable, dropping off a wreath at the Nazi camp, the spiraling government costs, the protectionism, all that shit.  Through it all, D's screamed that Reagan was a moron who didn't know what he was doing.  And the criticism bounced off of him until the astrology thing came out (yeah.  Nice set of priorities on the part of the populace).  Reagan was nicknamed "The Teflon President".

Fast forward to the Clinton Administration.  Clinton survived "bimbo eruptions" all the time.  Ironically, R's spent most of their time hammering Clinton when he was actually their greatest ally -- he succeeded in gutting welfare when they couldn't.  Jealousy fueled their rage.  But despite all the shady moves Clinton was doing, nothing stuck.  He was another Teflon President.

I mention this because our current President, Obama, is showing signs of being teflon himself, but for a different reason.  With the previous two examples, you have, just like Obama, a charismatic President that the public gravitates towards like a puppy.  The difference is the opposition.  Back then, the opposing parties had plenty they could use as ammo and the public just didn't seem to care.  This time, the opposition is its own worst enemy.  There are people who love Obama.  There are people who aren't thrilled with him.  But these groups are united by their dislike of the opposition.  As much as they may or may not like Obama, they hate the Republicans more.  Obama's approval ratings were in the tank, and he still won re-election.  Why?  Because better the devil you know, and Romney made it clear he would be the worst devil.

Over the past two weeks, Obama has found himself at the center of three scandals and one assholish attempt on him.  I'll deal with the asshole one first.  During a ceremony, Obama was shielded from the rain by a soldier holding an umbrella for him.  People started complaining that Obama was acting above everybody, that this was a sign of his arrogance.


So-called "populist" Sarah Palin (if she's a populist, I'm Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle) also tried to take a shot on her Twitter.  It went about as well as you would expect.


Okay, that's out of the way.  I feel so much better about myself.

So, we now have Obama facing the Benghazi Scandal, the IRS probe (which is like Watergate -- every administration does it, this is just the one time someone got caught.  Not saying it's right, just that it happens so often and yet no one is outraged any other time), and the AP probe, which I will address in the next paragraph, if you want to skip it.  A perfect storm of political trouble, and Obama dead center.

The Fox News probe is the funniest one.  Fox for years has bashed Obama for not investigating terror threats seriously.  Here, they investigated a Fox reporter who leaked government information.  So now that the Administration is doing what you kept saying he should do, you're upset?  Make up your minds.

Here's where we get to the Truthers.  We've had a bunch of these idiots spring up, saying every random thing that occurs is part of the President's agenda.  And they will go to any lengths to maintain this conspiracy.

How far?

They are actually maintaining that the Oklahoma tornadoes were created by the Obama Administration to distract from the Big Three going on right now.

Here's the theory, brought to you by the folks at Before It's News (well, one theory.  There are Truthers saying the tornado never happened and it's a media fabrication, just like Sandy Hook.  God, I'm glad my life is half over) -- the source of the tornadoes is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP for short).  Supposedly, HAARP was using "magnetospheric wave injection" (yes, it's a real thing.  No, it doesn't work like that) and, if you look at the satellite images on Google Earth, you can see the wave patterns over HAARP suddenly boost stronger, and then the tornadoes start happening.

Dear Mr. Obama,

If you can truly control the weather, how about enabling us Chicagoans to go swimming this weekend?  I'm also going to Florida in a few months, can you do something about that then, too?
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