Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Can't Tell The Players Without A Scorecard

Yeah, I'm pissed right now.  But the world turns on regardless, and the watch doesn't stop.

So, those of you wondering what is going to emerge from the Republican's identity crisis?  Here's your chance at a preview.

Next Thursday and Friday, in Deer Valley's Stein Erickson Lodge in the expansive, sleep-inducing state of Utah, FAILED Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is hosting an ass-kissing.

Sorry.  It's a fundraising party for big-money donors that he is hosting.  Anyone who doesn't see this as currying favor needs some PoliSci 101.  The title is pure politicking, called "Experts And Enthusiasts."  $5,000 per person to cover expenses, about 200 Romney Heads will be in attendance (wow, this just keeps getting better and better).  The event proper starts with an update for anyone in attendance who is also an investor in Solamere Capital.  Not only is there likely to be a LOT of attendees who just happen to fit the bill, but Mittens is currently the company's chairman.  Coincidence, you say!

Now, there are some interesting names on the list, including a couple of WTF's.  For example, David Axelrod will be there.  For those that don't know (people can lose names in the political shuffle), Axelrod is President Obama's chief campaign strategist.  Also in attendance will be John Hickenlooper.  His gov of Colorado and a D, considered a longshot for the nomination in 2016.

But this is supposed to be about the R's.  And lots of people chomping at the bit will be there, each hoping to "introduce" themselves to the other big money people.  Remember, you need money in modern politics, and you're a lot more likely to get a check if people know you personally than if you just have your lobbyists come calling.

Among the more obvious names is Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin rep who was Mitten's veep nominee.  Ryan has more of an edge to get attention, not just because of that little entry on his resume, but because Mittens is the host and he and his wife Ann like Ryan. They'll make sure to introduce him around.  He's going to have an easy time here.  Ryan is actually a long shot to run for the nomination, just because he's an attack dog and that makes him a liability as a Presidential candidate.  But he can market himself to the party as a back door to Romney's favor.  He's there to consolidate his status as a player, not one of the pieces on the board.

Having a far less easy time is Rand Paul.  Randroid will be here, hoping to parlay his Jim Jones-like devotion to the free market into votes (not realizing most of these people got money because of markets and dealings that are counter to Adam Smith philosophies, but don't bother trying to tell Randroid that).  He needs major facetime right now, between his general public nonsense and being seen as an extension of his dad.  He's there to forge an image among them and do some spin control.

A bit of a surprise to anyone other than myself is the absence of Floridian Mark Rubio, who most people see as the best chance to lead the R's out of the 1950's.  The conventional wisdom is Rubio is already getting attention and donations and doesn't need to be there.  The Peter G wisdom says he isn't there because he knows it will mess things up.  Rubio is currently hip deep in immigration reform talks, and is trying to straddle the line between the Hispanic voting block that can make or break him and the conservative voting block that will keep him in office if his Presidential dreams pop like a zit.  He's not confident, he's scared, so he's ceding the gathering to the opposition.  Let them whittle themselves down to a single candidate, and he won't have to worry about pack tactics being used against him come 2016.

Also there is New Joisee gov Chris Christie.  Christie was the populist R during the last campaign with people urging him to run when the pack was full of nutcases like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann and Herman Caine.  Then Hurricane Sandy hit.  Christie stopped his Obama-bashing because, well, he had bigger problems to deal with.  The populist support vanished as people felt he should have been angry instead of actually leading his citizens and doing his job.  He still entertains the idea, so he's there to hobnob.

Among the other no-shows are Rick Santorum (who is doing just fine spewing his bullshit as a self-appointed "conscience of conservatism", and knows he has no support among Mittens' crowd anyway), Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Wisconsin gov Scott Walker, and (no surprise here) Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  Jindal was pretty much Rubio's only competition for the spotlight, but despite some early inroads in the days after the election, he's been largely marginalized by the party and ignored by the general populous.  His career is already over.

Here you go, the people looking to pluck the strings that hold your world.

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