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And Boom Goes The Dynamite

Okay, I know that last post has got a lot of you going, Wait...what?  So, to bring you all up to speed, here's the latest installment of the great reality program, You Dumb Bitch, starring my sister.  Which looks like it's going on hiatus for 8-10, maybe longer.

Reagan Dumbass

Okay, so, tomorrow was when my sister was supposed to be sentenced.  Her attorney and the AG reached a deal the AG really didn't want, with my sister getting 180 days in county (each day of good behavior knocks a day off the sentence, meaning she just had to keep her nose clean and she'd be out in 90 days), probation to be determined at the hearing.  He wanted my sister sent away for 3 and a half in the federal pen (everyone is thinking my sister's attorney is dynamite to get that.  No.  I know exactly why the AG did it, but no one will believe the truth).  My sister would get carted away at the hearing, and that would be the end of that.

Now, at this point, the hearing was supposed to be earlier.  But when my sister was arrested, they didn't fingerprint her.  So the hearing was delayed to tomorrow so she could be properly processed.  It was only by a few days, but if she had just been sentenced, say, yesterday, none of this would be happening.

Today, my mom goes to visit my sister, one last goodbye before she goes.  Mom may be upset, but she can't help it -- my sister plays her like a violin.  While there, the local cops asked my sister to come in for some questioning.

A few months ago, a guy in the neighborhood started harassing my sister, saying she stole drugs from him, about $60 worth.  Well, this fool decided to file a police complaint.  Yesterday, the guy decided to press charges and the cops came by to ask my sister some questions.  My sister's attorney told them to pay the guy off and make this go away.  Now.  My mom went to their house to give them $60.  The guy was to then call the cops, say he found the drugs, it was a mistake, and close the case.

This went according to plan.  Here is where it goes off the rails.

Supposedly, the police are trying to clear their backlog of open cases, and decided to look into related B&E.  One complaint, a stolen ring, was discovered at a local pawn shop.  The cops checked the video tape, and saw my sister on camera selling the ring to the pawn shop.  She didn't even go to another town, she went a few blocks from where she lives.  My sister's life is a two-minute Columbo episode.

Back to scene -- my sister goes to the police station.  The cops Mirandize her, then ask her if she stole and sold the ring.  My sister simply says she did.  No shame, no nothing.  By her logic, the ring wasn't worth much, so petty theft, right?

Wrong.  They aren't treating it as petty theft, but as B&E, a Class 1 Felony under Illinois law, punishable by 4-15 years in the slammer.  This is being tied in to her drug-related offenses of forgery and fraud.  Now, had she been in jail, the plea deal would not be able to be altered -- she would just serve her time in county and couldn't be tried for this.

But now?  No one has spoken to the AG, but her attorney and I know what's going to happen -- the AG pulls the plea deal off the table and this is going to trial.  All because she didn't feel like keeping her mouth shut.


My sister called my dad.  Her attorney wants $2,500 to represent her, and bail will probably be $3,000.

Dad said no and hung up on her.

Dad has also given me documents chronicling how much money he has spent on her since January to get her clean and straightened out.  $18,000 so far.  He gave me specific instructions -- if anything happens to him and mom, if my sister comes by to ask for a handout, I'm to show her the documents with the money spent and tell her, "That was your inheritance.  Go away."  Dad is rewriting the will this weekend, and it will be filed ASAP.

I suspected my sister was going to do something to hurt my parents, just to teach them a lesson for not digging her out.  With this, I don't know what she'll do, although I'm suspecting she'll go on the lam.  She does, I'm replacing every lock (I know she has keys) and letting the local fuzz know to keep an eye on things.  I will only relax if she goes in the pokey.

I know why this is happening.  Like I said, the situation is more complicated than my parents know, and I am very aware who my sister has pissed off and how they are simply using the truth to their advantage.

Daddy's money can't save her now.

I think I'm going to be incommunicado this weekend.  I'm taking my drawing supplies and my writing (it's not just work, I enjoy creating) and maaaaaaaaybe getting a hotel room for some solitude.  I'm also going to be at the church for a while.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- family doesn't treat each other like this.

And it looks like someone is finally getting booted out of the family.
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