Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Prison Break


You know, I was all set to have fun today.  A little breakfast, catch Despicable Me 2, going toobin', all sorts of stuff.

And my family fucked up the entire day.  All because of my sister.

So, last Friday was to be her sentencing hearing.  Her husband brought her to the court building, and inside the lobby was her lawyer.  He told her they were waiting to take her into custody as soon as she got in the courtroom, so go outside, have a cigarette, and enjoy it, because it's the last one you're going to have for a while.

Outside, the two are smoking, and my sister tells her husband, "How about you take me home?"

"No," he responded.

"Take me home," she ordered.

"No, you have to face what you did."  Actually, I think the real reason he didn't take her home is he could be arrested for aiding and abetting.  He's dumb, but he ain't that dumb.

She starts hyping because she doesn't want to go to jail.  Her husband tells her that, if she doesn't knock it off, he'll tell the police she's looking to make a break and she'll be hauled down with fleeing police on the blotter as well.

They go inside, the cops slap the cuffs on her, and pull her away.

That Friday night, my sister calls my parents house five time, my dad's cell phone five times, my mom's cell phone five times.  My dad takes one, and finds out the collect call is costing him $10.  My sister just wanted him to bail her out.  He said no and hung up.  She calls multiple times through the weekend, including calling my cell phone at least twice (I had it on because I was meditating in church and had my meditation tunes playing.  I was NOT happy about her interrupting me.  Thankfully, I didn't take the call, I don't feel like paying $10 to listen to her whine).

Dad gets her $1,500 bail back minus 10%.  Turns out the reason he didn't get bail back from last time is because, to get bail back, you have to beat the rap or it gets absorbed as court costs and restitution and such.  With the plea deal off the table and the charges rolled together, they didn't keep anything other than $150.

Sis' current bail so she can walk?  $6,500.  Not happening.

Dad did put the bail money and coughed up the rest for the $2,500 her attorney was asking to represent her.  Sis thought she'd just go with a public defender for the B&E charges.  Actually, no.  She had a plan to get a minimum sentence without an attorney.  "I'm going to plead no contest.  If you don't fight it, they give you an easier sentence."

Well, I always said she was stupid, I told my dad.

"That's what I told her," dad said.

I wasn't sure I heard him right, he has never insulted his little princess before she went into rehab.  But yes, he did.

Dad went to visit her.  Sis had used some of her commissary money to buy a phone card so that her calls to us aren't collect.  "I figured you weren't answering because of the cost.  I call and I call, and no one wants to talk to me."

I said, Oh!  She's so close!  Just a little more!

Sis played every last trick she could.  She tried going Dr. Phil on us, sending my parents a letter.  In it (filled with bad penmanship and all seven instances of the word "hating" spelled as "hateing"), she talked about how "all the monsters are gone" and that she was "going to be full time family and part time friend".

I asked my dad, You aren't buying this, are you?

"Nope, and neither is your mother."

You sure about that?

"She's the one that put the letter in the shredder."

...yep, I'd call that definitive.

Sis continued to use the "the monsters are gone" line on dad when he went to visit her.  She also talked about how she never broke into the house (it was her neighbor in her duplex) and found the ring outside.  She knows the guards are listening in and is trying to bolster her defense.

Dad didn't buy the "monsters" line one bit.  He refused to pay bail because she did the B&E while out on bail for the forgery, so why should he believe she's "learned her lesson"?  Not to mention her behavior last Friday pegs her as a flight risk.

Sis talked about how bad the food was.  It was what she kept circling back to, how bad the food was.  Dad's response?  "You're in prison!  You're not supposed to enjoy it!"

She mentioned that she sees people being brought in and bailed out, and all she can do is wave to them as they head out.  Dad's response?  "You really are a selfish little bitch, aren't you?!?  You don't care if your mother and I go to the poor house as long as you get everything taken care of for you!"

"Well, I asked my husband to get me out but he wouldn't do it."

"With what money?!?"

"I told him to take out a loan and a credit card, and it would be enough to get me out."

...and that was when dad slammed down the phone and walked away.

So, I'm trying to keep dad calm, listening to him talk and being there for him, listening to mom alternately vent at me because she is so upset with my sister and then attacking me for saying such mean things about her.  I have taken on a new role in the family dynamic -- I'm more or less saying the things dad wants to say but can't because he has to keep everything together.  I, however, can say whatever I want, and because mom has never been that impressed with me, it's not like I'm losing any of her love.

With me playing Counselor Troi, I'm struggling to get my comics and shit done.  Obviously, I've chucked my idea of making Digital Dirtbike this year, it has to wait until next year (August?  Wizard World.  September?  Vacation.  October?  Mom and dad come up from Florida for some unknown reason instead of spending the entire winter there, so I'll be playing grief counselor again).

I understand I'm the one everyone leans on.  I'm just frustrated they let it get to a point where they need to lean on someone.

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