Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Gift For The Person Who Has Everything

I'm 6'1".  And I hear the occasional grumble from friends who are not as tall as me that I have it soooooo much better than them.

Here's one time they have it all over me.

Debenhams is a British store with an online presence.  Like most general interest British shops, they have Doctor Who merchandise.  And at the moment, marked down from 200 pounds ($302.06 US) to 31.98 ($48.30 US) is an inflatable ride-in Dalek.


Powered by a rechargeable 6 volt battery, it will run for 70 minutes on a single charge.  It has lights and says Dalek phrases.  Top speed 3kph (1.86 MPH), although it's a pussy Dalek -- it can't go up stairs.  128 cm tall (a little over four feet tall).

I know at least three people, two of whom have not grown up but simply gotten older, who would be able to fit perfectly in this thing and have fun.

And my 6'1", 250lb Polish ass will never make it.

I am sooooooo jealous right now.
Tags: fandom wank, i'll drink to that, pure awesome, so much win, technology is a beautiful thing

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