Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Scales Of Justice Need Adjustment

Today is part one of the sentencing hearing of Ariel Castro, the guy who held three women captive for over ten years.

Prosecutors gave him a plea deal for over 900 counts.  He will be in jail for life plus 1,000 years (I guess so he can be eligible for parole next spring).

The key part of the plea deal -- jail time, no death penalty.

So Ariel Castro, a living embodiment of evil, gets three squares a day, shelter, clothing, medical care, and maybe even money from a book deal.

Homeless people don't get that kind of reward.

Castro held three women captive for over a decade.  He forced one to miscarry five times.  Each of them kept journals that he read and didn't care about.  He played in a band with one of their brothers.  He passed out flyers for another and comforted her family, all the while knowing he had them locked away.  He beat them.  He starved them.  And they didn't escape because of their sheer will.  Castro says he decided to let them go and intentionally left the door unlocked.  In other words, he could have easily kept them prisoner even longer.  He knew they would escape and alert the police, so he was with his brothers, who got tarred in the media by association.  He didn't turn himself in, didn't call anyone.  Every action was a "fuck you!" to doing the right thing.  The last thing he said to his brothers wasn't even an apology, he just said, "You're never going to see me again."  He claimed remorse at his hearing.  Bull.  Fucking.  Shit.

Even the staunchest opponent of the death penalty would be willing to make an exception for this.  And instead, prosecutors are warehousing him away for the rest of his life.  "Yeah, you did all that stuff, but hey!  We're not going to treat you like a monster!"

Fuck the prosecutors.  If ever there was a time to stick to your guns, this was it.  I mean, life + 1K?  At what point is not seeking the death penalty noble and at what point is it just absurd?

"What is honor?  A word.  What is that word, honor?  Air."

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