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I get very nervous hanging around sports fans.  The only exception is basketball, because I am immersed enough to fit in.  Other sports, I only have a cursory knowledge of.  As a result, I am always nervous I will say something that will be seen as blasphemy.  Especially here in Chicago, a notorious sports town.

Now, some things are obvious.  For example, I know, when in a Chicago sports bar, you do NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk shit about the Bears.  One guy I used to work with didn't heed this common sense advice, and thought he'd act all tough in a bar.  He missed work for a few days, came back bruised, and according to a later girlfriend, actually lost one testicle.  Baseball?  That's easy for me, all I have to do is say I was a Bill Veeck man and I will never forgive baseball for making him sell the Sox.  That gets me a pass on a lot of shit.  However, as the Steve Bartman incident proves, sports fans will attack someone not even tangentially involved or completely unaware if it gives them a chance to show their loyalty to their false gods.  A person could have no idea what is going on, and suddenly find themselves ostracized.

Case in point, Justin Bieber (full disclosure:  not a fan of his).  This is a picture of Bieber when he stopped in Chicago during the Blackhawks' hockey championship, when they won the Stanley Cup.  There's already lots of hate for Bieber, but this was apparently over the line.  Can you identify what the problem is?

Bieder Cup

Apparently, it is traditional for people to NOT stand on the team logo on the floor of the team clubhouse.  The Hawks have it roped off during press conferences.  The Boston Bruins, in fact, have a staffer act as a guard for their logo during press conferences.  Yeah, that's a much more sensible alternative to simply not putting the goddamn logo on the floor.  I never would have known this, and probably would have made the same mistake.

So, various Hawks and fans started slamming Bieber for this slight.  Among those coming down with a case of the vapors was Chris Wilkerson, Mark Wegener, and Josh Kaye, all of Des Plaines, IL, who wrote in an email, “We don't appreciate bandwagoners (sounds like I was right about not being welcome to join in the celebration of the Hawks' victory -- G).  When we saw Justin Bieber not only stand on the logo, but touch the cup as well, we were astonished.”

On July 27, the Blackhawks had their annual fan convention.  And the above trio came with a giant cutout of Justin Bieber's face.  They wanted to put it in front of the Stanley Cup and get their pictures taken standing on it.  The security guard told them no, not in front of the Cup.  They tried it a little ways away.  The guard didn't stop them.

So here's the victory pose:

Bieber 1

For those without a scorecard, Wilkerson is in the black shirt, Wegener is in white, and Kaye is red.  They started a Twitter feed to show photos of them and other people standing on Bieber's head.  They wound up with over 100 images, including Tommy Hawk, the Hawks' mascot.

Tommy Hawk

Nice to see fans uniting in a display of good sportsmanship.  This is so much better and more mature than just saying the guy made a mistake and letting bygones be bygones.
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