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Feud Truck

The whole thing started on July 22.  Brendan O'Connor works for Milk Truck, a food truck service that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches.  Brendan worked on an order for Glass Lewis & Co., a shareholder advisory firm.  After the transaction was concluded, Brendan tweeted as follows:

"Shout out to the good people of Glass, Lewis & Co. for placing a $170 order and not leaving a tip. @glasslewis"

Well, the folks at Glass Lewis & Co. did not appreciate public tip-shaming and called the boss at Milk Truck to complain.  Two days later, Brendan was fired.

"Milk Truck @milktrucknyc
@glasslewis rgrding yest. tweet by an employee--it was flat out wrong. we do NOT in any way support or condone this behavior-our apologies."

"Glass Lewis & Co. @GlassLewis
@milktrucknyc We appreciate it, and look forward to doing business with you again!"

And that's the end of that, right?

Wrong.  O’Connor also works as a reporter for the New York City culture blog The Awl.  He wrote a nice, long article about the incident, and it ran on July 30, this past Tuesday.  Some highlights:

"This group placed a huge order: three of this sandwich, four of another, three of the one that takes forever on the grill, two of the one that takes forever to assemble. Five or six milkshakes. The order came to just under $170.

"I was making sandwiches, another worker took the order and a third made the milkshakes and watched the grills. A line grew while we worked, and we had to tell other customers that their lunch orders would take longer than usual. They paid; I asked my co-worker who was dealing with the money how much of a tip they’d left. They had left actually no tip at all. (They had paid with a card so we checked the cash tips to see if there’d been a bump. There hadn’t.)

"I asked some of the group as they were picking up their orders if they had intended to not tip. They hemmed and hawed and walked away."

Well, that jerked the stopper.  People began flaming Milk Truck and Glass Lewis on Twitter.  O'Connor is stepping back from the story, saying he doesn't want to "fan the flames" (bull shit, buddy -- G) and The Awl is publicly asking followers not to flame Milk Truck.  They are saying nothing about leaving Glass Lewis alone, though.

And this is why, should you post stuff on a blog, don't use anything that ties you to your real job.  As Howard The Duck says, "ALL actions have consequences."
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