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Comics Alliance was a great web site that unfortunately closed down due to the down advertising market.  Which is a shame.  It was fun, and wasn't just about the big names.  Indies were welcome.  Anything pop culture was welcome, you didn't just have to be a comics fan to hang there, that was just what got you in the door.

CA is gone.  But it's legacy lives on with us fans and with a podcast that originated there called War Rocket Ajax.

And they are going to talk up Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate.


See, there are good points to not being able to sit still.  And to liking MLP -- one of the hosts is a brony.  ;-)

I'll let you know the detes when the show goes up, but in exchange for me buying a sponsorship, they will give the books a nice little talk up.  The hosts seem intrigued with the book, which helps -- you can tell when someone is just phoning it in to pay the bills and when they are interested.  And since this is for general pop culture, including books, I might hit a richer target area for expanding my readership and awareness.

I'll keep you posted.  It'll be happening soon.  Keep your various appendages crossed!
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