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Hannah Singer Is Featured On War Rocket Ajax!

TowerofPimpsThe current episode of War Rocket Ajax just went up.

And with it, the ad for Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate.

Oh, I am so excited about this.  This is probably the biggest, most diverse comic book and pop culture podcast out there today.  Great stuff.  They are sponsored by Valiant and ComiXology, and routinely have major industry pros as guests.  That doesn't happen with some podcast that people just throw together in their spare time.  The listener base is huge.  And the listener base likes to talk about things they discover and share new exciting finds.

In other words, this is the opportunity I have been praying for since I started this crazy journal all those years ago.

I am so hoping this is the thing that breaks to wall, that starts everyone talking and spreading the word.  Oh, I'm so hoping.

So, if you want to hear the show, right here is the show, episode 170.  They talk about it for almost two minutes after the show opening.

Where's my hoagie?!?  I've got "Play That Funky Music" cued up and ready to go!

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