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On January 8, 2011, US Rep Gabrielle Giffords was at a political rally in her home state of Arizona when a horrible monster drew a gun and shot her in the head.  Giffords was just inches away from dying, and among the people trying to keep her alive was campaign intern Daniel Hernandez.  He held her in his arms, held her hand, rode with her in the ambulance, and tried frantically to contact her husband.  Everyone agreed he acted like a hero.

Hernandez has since gone to sit on the Sunnyside Unified School District Board.  Been there for about two years.

Hernandez is also gay.

Some of you are probably wondering, "Why do you bring that up?  Do you have a problem with him being gay?"


But his political opponents do.

When Hernandez first ran for the post, there was a lot of talk about him "not being a real man."  Now, Hernandez is fighting for his political life as a recall effort has been mounted, and the "not a real man" thing is getting extra ammunition.  Smear-campaign posters are circulating in the area to the school board's constituents, stating that, because Hernandez is gay, he doesn't support athletics or care about kids.  The posters defiantly conclude, "We don't need someone who hates our values."

Marcos Castro is behind the recall effort (he denies it, but his signature is right there on the recall petition, so you do the math).  He's also the campaign manager for Louie Gonzales, who is running for Hernandez's seat.  Coincidence, you say!  Castro has received shipments of smear campaign posters at his own house.  Still says he has nothing to do with it.  So does Gonzales.

A real leader would stand up and say, "Those of you mounting this smear campaign to help me win?  Stop it.  Help me win with votes, not discrimination."  They don't hide behind a "know nothing" statement.

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