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M$ is attempting to relaunch Windows Mobile.

Why?  Linux is storming the cell phone market.  Samsung has just switched to Open Source, and Verizon is going to offer phones powered by Linux.  Specifically, Google Android Linux.  Google is trying desperately to get Android back on track.  People were ready to buy a Google Android based phone (I hate cell phones, and even I wanted one.  The iPhone can kiss my Polish ass).  But then, we found out that Google's Android may have been Open Source, but it certainly wasn't free.  A developer named Steve Kondik tried to do what just about everyone does with regular Linuxes, make a custom distro, and got a "knock it off" from Google Kondik utilized closed-source applications like Gmail and Google.  Combine that with how slow and buggy Android turned out to be, as well as stuff you make with the Android and Chrome SDK's, according to the license, can only run on Google's stuff, not Linuxes in general, and I'm not entirely convinced they are on our side.  Google may be a big stumper for FOSS, but they still have a way to go.  Keep a close eye on them.

(I also notice Palm is trying to embrace Open Source.  Maybe they should start by making their OS easier to code for.  C++ is tricky enough as it is without all their bullshit thrown in.)

WinMobile 6.5 launched, and it is landing with a splat.  M$ has basically warmed over 6, and there is nothing innovative there to grab the spotlight from the iPhone.  They've been marching in the opposite direction of the iPhone for two years now.  Say what you will about Apple, they know how to make a dynamic user experience, and for that, they earn their success.  M$ is building WinMobile around how they feel the user experience should go instead of actual user feedback, and they are paying dearly.  Steve Ballmer even admitted a few weeks ago that, "We screwed up on Windows Mobile."

Playing catch-up....
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