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Letters From Our Readers: Music Has Charms That Soothe The Savage Breast

Christ, why did I wake up this morning?

Yesterday, I posted the video of playthrough of the "game" Escape From Lavender Town.  I included an epilepsy warning for the flashing images.

Today, I get a message from a guy off the feeds calling me irresponsible.  I didn't even have to read it to know what he was going to bitch about.

"You didn't warn about the music!  What if someone gets a seizure because of you?!?"

I'm not sure if this guy is just trolling or stupid.  Since assuming he's stupid gives me the chance to assert my superiority, I'm going to go with that scenario.

For those who don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, it's one of the classic urban legends of gaming.  The music of Lavender Town is a very depressing funeral dirge played almost exclusively in flat tones.  According to legend, listening to music through headphones (because the GameBoy speaker is shit) can trigger mental illness including paranoia, depression, and possible suicide.

Now, people have found ways to make music and sounds trigger mental reactions, so this is vaguely possible.  In those cases, the person is usually in some other state of altered consciousness at the time (i.e. they are already high to begin with), and alpha waves are all over the self-help section.  But this is literally power of suggestion, and I can prove it.

A guy on YouTube made a video with the music, and he got people talking about the tones causing headaches and such in the listeners.

Problem:  the tones that supposedly trigger the reactions appear after about a minute and a half into the song.

The music from the video never gets that far, it only repeats about the first minute.

People were reacting to music tones that aren't even there.

The Lavender Town theme is creepy.  It's depressing.  But it's not mind control.  Nothing is going to happen.
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