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Well, as I write this, my sister is safely absconded into jail.

Yes, it's time for another installment of You Dumb Bitch, Starring My Sister.

Supposedly, the program she was seeking to be a part of?  Well, she wasn't flipping on dealers she knew.  She would be cooperating with the DEA and going on drug busts.

No, I don't believe that.  Drug busts, unless it is someone low level and careless, take a long time to set up the operation, infiltrate it, gather evidence, and then make arrests.  The scenes from the movies where they come in literally like Gangbusters is bullshit.  It would never hold up in a court of law.  The idea of taking someone unknown in general like my sister but has a rap sheet, including a publicly searchable record showing she took some sort of plea after being held bang to rights, and her getting close to a gang that knows what to watch for?  Pull the middle one, it feels better.

So, sis' husband vetoed the deal.  How he got authority to shoot this down instead of it being my sister's decision, I don't know.  He is worried about the drug gangs seeking retribution on him and his family on his and my families.  So my sister had to take the plea deal she was offered.

With time served and good behavior, they expect her out within a year and a half.  She is then on probation for 30 months and parole for a year.  Both of those are served concurrently.

Dad told me this over the phone.  I told him, Whew!  It's a good thing my sister is white!

He hung up on me.  He can be such a bitch sometimes.

He did call me on Thursday at 830PM to tell me all this, then said it would be a good idea if I acted like a good big brother and called her up to say goodbye, wish her well, and hope for the best for her when she gets carted off the next day at 930AM.  I told him I'd get right on it, hung up, and went back to watching people make fools of themselves on YouTube until it slipped my mind.  Dad right now isn't sure he should be pissed or understanding because he not only knows I have nothing to say to her that does not involve hot flaming death, but once again, I say the things he wants to but can't because he needs to keep the family together.  In short, he can live vicariously through his son if he just agrees his son has a reason to be a grudge-bearing asshole in this instance.

So, long story short, my sister is out of the picture for at least a year and a half.  No doubt, she's getting an education into what she can do and get away with, and can't wait to get started once she gets out (don't look at me like that, she was gathering drugs and such almost as soon as she got out last time).

Next time she gets caught, though (and believe me, she will), they won't be able to wrangle her a good deal.  She'll go away for good.

And my nerves will be singing hosannahs when that happens.
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