Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

How To Kill Your Fandom Without Even Trying

It all started with a blogger calling herself Pinkiepony. On her Tumblr, she wrote a post decrying the brony fandom in general and a fan comic in particular. One called Ask Princess Molestia.

For those who actually live in the sane world, APM was a comic that presented Princess Celestia, renamed Molestia, of My Little Pony as a sexual deviant looking to exploit those around her every chance she got. As with most internet strips, this one got bored and started trying to branch out into other humor and situations. But the fact is, it started as turning a cartoon for girls with lessons about empowerment into just another male masturbation aid, and still revisits that well once in a while.

Bronies are an odd bunch. They insist on being treated with respect for having the courage of their convictions and being bold enough to make their statements, but they feel no desire to return respect to anyone who disagrees with them. As I've covered elsewhere, harassment or worse frequently happens. There are stories of fistfights breaking out at conventions over who is the "best pony." Convention organizers will try to sabotage competing shows. Whoever wrote the grimdark "Cupcakes" needs to be shot in the head to preserve the gene pool. Several men not only find the ponies sexy, but several brag that various characters are their waifus. In addition to the usual Rule 34, there is a special subset called "Scootabuse" that depicts the underage Scootaloo in humiliation and mindbreak fantasies. There was the Max Veers Incident. When a fan called Purple Tinker called for an end to the sexual harrassment and rape jokes the bronies reveled in, Yelling At Cats made a rap song describing the acts of horrible violence he wanted to inflict on Tinker, and was flooded with likes for it. It makes you look at the brony couple who actually named their daughter "Pinkamena Zecora Smith" and wish that was as nuts as it got. But it's not. The dark underbelly goes much deeper.

So, Pinkiepony has now found herself in the lunatic fringe's crosshairs. She posted to her blog how she doesn't find rape jokes funny. She called for an end to the Ask Princess Molestia strip, in a movement dubbed Down With Molestia, or DWM for short.

Pinkiepony is now being harrassed, not just on the Internet, but in real life as well. Think about this -- there is a vocal group of men (I have yet to hear of any women who agree with this) who think rape is perfectly fine to joke about and it is okay to fantasize about this stuff. Some even wrote responses on her blog attempting to differentiate between sexual harrassment and rape (long story short: you can't make jokes about sexual harrassment, but rape is fair game). Pinkiepony wrote on her blog how a trio of guys followed her in a store and started harrassing her, with her hiding out in a changing room until her dad came to get her.

I've said before the brony fandom is collapsiing. This is why. People like me just say we are fans of the show because we are aware how loaded the term "brony" has become. And yet, despite not only generating this perception but frequently taking pride in this perception they've created, bronies will get upset if you actually call them on their bullshit, saying what they are doing is wrong or sick or whatever. You are simply a hater, some NT that isn't enlightened enough to understand why all this is actually okay.

What's sad is that these darker impulses have been let loose by something as innocent as a cartoon for girls. What is the world coming to?

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