Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

APB: Home Wreckers

Sit down, Uncle Peter has a little story for you.

This concerns a woman who bought a house about two miles away from where I live.  She lives in a good sized suburb about fifty minutes away, and would stay at her house in the big town during the week and work her job, and come down here on the weekends to get the new house ready to move in.

During the past week, while she was staying in the big town, a bunch of people broke into her house and ransacked it.  They stole all kinds of things, INCLUDING THE WATER HEATER.  They dumped out the plastic bins with her stuff and used that to cart away the things they wanted.  Her house is now unlivable because of the damage, she's fighting with her insurance company for compensation, and the evil people who did this are very much at large.

Why do I bring this up?

Today, I got back from a week's vacation in Florida.  And when I mention I went to Florida, people at my usual haunts are saying the same thing -- "Why didn't you tell us you were going on a trip?!?"

Because shit like what I wrote above happens.  I wasn't able to secure the usual watchdogs who keep the house from turning into a smorgasbord for thieves, and I ran out of time, so I counted on obscurity and some simple deception to keep prying eyes away.

But part of that also meant I couldn't tell any locals that I was gone.  Word travels, especially in small neighborhoods.  That also meant no writing about the trip on my LiveJournal or Facebook because thieves know to watch them for information on when their property will be vulnerable.  Remember the radio interview I mentioned?  If I had mentioned the station that was happening at when I did it last Monday, people would have instantly deduced the radio wasn't in the Chicago area.  Some low-level Google-fu, and I would have basically told everyone I was gone and the house was empty.

So, my point is this -- don't any of you DARE give me shit.  This past week proved I was right to think like that.  There are times when paranoia is just smart thinking.

And anyone who still has a problem?  I'll punch each and every one of you bitches in the jaw.  I'm not taking your shit over this.  Don't push me.
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