Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Putting The Axe Murderer In Charge Of The Girls' Dorm

For years, the European Union has been making us American FOSSers jealous because they were actually doing right.  They held M$ over the barrel for abusing their monopoly position.  They didn't knuckle under with Office 2007.  They have fought against recognizing software patents.  They are seeing that Intel unfairly maintains a stranglehold over the CPU market.  They are upset about M$ using its Media Player and Internet Exploder to reinforce their dominance unfairly.  Recently, the EU was looking into the browser wars and requiring M$ to sell a version of Windows without IE installed, or with other browsers already installed.  They wanted a public opinion poll to see what browser people would really prefer, and it would be forced into Windows instead of just taking M$' word for it.

Yes!  God bless Open Source!  Thank you, EU, for showing....

...wait...WHAT just happened?

The EU pussed out.  M$ will run the poll, but they don't have to grant any equal time to other browsers.  People want the browsers?  They have to download and install them themselves.  In other words, no change.  Oh, and M$ not only runs the poll, but the EU has put M$ in charge of making sure they abide by interoperability standards.  So, no outside oversight, just the word of a convicted monopoloist with a paper trail that, were it any bigger, would knock the Earth out of its orbit, that has openly admited they are trying to destroy competition, who provides aid to those looking to destroy FOSS...these are the people making sure they play fair.

If you are wondering why I talk about an "as-yet-unabated hatred of the world," it's because of things like this.
Tags: computers, digital rights, foss, hypocrisy, linux, open source, patent law, politics, stupidity

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